Fares Complexity

Author: Paul Hollinghurst - Published At: Wed 08 of Jul, 2015 20:34 BST - (6225 Reads)
Railfuture is concerned about the complexity of fares, which are way beyond the abilities of the general public – and even some railway staff – to fully understand. This is a big problem as substantial savings can be made by knowing the ‘best’ ticket to buy. (Photo: Some of the tickets from Paul Hollinghurst’s railway journeys.)

Constructive Conference

Author: Nick Dibben - Published At: Sun 05 of Jul, 2015 20:51 BST - (5130 Reads)
Attendees of the Railfuture Summer 2015 Conference in Newark were welcomed by the Town Mayor Councillor Robert Crowe and his wife. Also shown above are Railfuture Lincolnshire branch chairman, David Harby, who helped organise the conference, and branch sales and catering officer Sue Dovey.

Airport rail links take off

Author: Ian Brown and Chris Page - Published At: Fri 03 of Jul, 2015 10:33 BST - (6998 Reads)
The Airports Commission Final Report was launched on 1st July 2015 by Sir Howard Davies. It concluded that the new Northwest runway at Heathrow presents the strongest case, in conjunction with a package of measures to address environmental and community impacts. (Photograph from Heathrow Airport Sustainable Transport Plan.)

Rail development reset

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Fri 26 of Jun, 2015 11:01 BST - (7397 Reads)
The Government announced yesterday that the Network Rail development programme for the current control period will be cut back so that it can get back on track and be delivered within the £38Bn budget.

St Albans busway threat

Author: David Horton - Published At: Fri 26 of Jun, 2015 11:00 BST - (3389 Reads)
David Horton, General Secretary of the Abbey Flyer Users' Group (ABFLY) warns that this scene of a digger ripping up the Cambridge - St Ives railway line could be repeated on the Abbey Line between Watford and St Albans. Photograph by Steve Wilkinson.

Portishead consultation

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Wed 24 of Jun, 2015 08:33 BST - (4736 Reads)
Plans for the re-opening of the Portishead railway line, as part of the first phase of the MetroWest transport project, are now open for public consultation - a major step forward for Railfuture campaigning.

Expand Eurocity network?

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Thu 18 of Jun, 2015 17:18 BST - (5186 Reads)
The front page and an impressive map from a discussion paper from the European Passengers’ Federation produced mainly by volunteers from Britain’s Railfuture and Germany’s Pro Bahn.

A station back in Skem

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 08 of Jun, 2015 16:39 BST - (6199 Reads)
Lancashire County Council is forging ahead with plans to connect Skelmersdale town centre to the rail network.

Newcourt station opens

Author: Chris Austin - Published At: Thu 04 of Jun, 2015 20:31 BST - (5763 Reads)
Newcourt station between Digby and Topsham on the Avocet Line opened this morning, and this photograph shows the first train at 05.57.

Message to The House

Author: Chris Austin - Published At: Fri 29 of May, 2015 18:12 BST - (3138 Reads)

This article by Chris Austin, Railfuture Head of Infrastructure and Networks Group, was published today in The House, the magazine of the Houses of Parliament. It brings the electorate's wishes and expectations for a developing railway in the UK to the attention of the new parliament.

Oxford Metro

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Thu 30 of Apr, 2015 22:22 BST - (4632 Reads)
Trams would benefit the historic heart of Oxford

Transport consultants Dr Nicholas Falk and Reg Harman look to Europe and the US and argue that the
UK city of Oxford should have a transport system more like its ‘twin’, Grenoble.
Photograph: Grenoble, by Reg Harman. Trams on lines A and B mix with people in the heart of the city.
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