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Our updated, expanded and re-issued Britain's Growing Railway book is still on sale. Published in late July 2017, it contains an extra 64 pages compared to the 2010 issue. Click [HERE] for details and to purchase.

We regret that because the United Kingdom has left the European Union's Customs Union we are unable to post orders to any address outside of the United Kingdom. Railfuture is able to post Railwatch to its members and subscribers outside the UK, but that is all. Sorry. Some of the suppliers may be willing to post outside the UK and we are happy to put you in touch if you email books@railfuture.org.uk.


This popular Railfuture tote bag is long lasting.

We previously used these for the Railfuture 'goody bag' at the Annual National Conference in 2019.

Select the tote bag in the drop-down list on the right and click 'Buy Now' for £3.00 (two for £4.00) including post and package.


This Railfuture lapel pin is intended to be worn on a shirt or jumper.

The image of the Railfuture lapel pin in front of two £1 coins shows its size - and appropriately matches the price!

Select the lapel pin in the drop-down list on the right and click 'Buy Now' for £2.00 including post and package.


These rail themed cufflinks are designed to appeal to rail industry and heritage railway professionals, workers and enthusiasts alike. Fashioned in nickel-plated alloy, they feature a section of track with bright silver colour rails and enamelled sleepers. Supplied in a black presentation case with velvet lining.

Railfuture sale price £12.00 for a pair (two sets for £20.00). You can buy a Raifuture-branded pen at the same time and save £1.00. Select the cufflinks (or cufflinks and pen) in the drop-down list on the right and click 'Buy Now'.


Printed on fine art paper, this is a print of the picture presented by Railfuture to Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin on 31st March 2014 to celebrate his announcement of high-speed Javelin train services to Hastings and Bexhill. Painted by Railfuture member, Hastings resident and member of the Guild of Railway Artists, Mike Turner, it depicts a Javelin train in the platform at Hastings. Full news story here.

From a painting commissioned by Railfuture, the print is 367mm wide and 265mm high, plus a 25mm white border, and is supplied unmounted/unframed.

Railfuture sale price £24.00. You can buy a Raifuture-branded pen at the same time and save £1.00. Select the 'Shock and Ore fine art print' (or with a pen) in the drop-down list on the right and click 'Buy Now'.


This is a quality retractable ballpoint pen which will write smoothly in black ink. The styling is bold and contemporary: the metal barrel has a gleaming green lacquer finish, laser engraved with the Railfuture name and website address, and trimmed in polished chrome. Supplied in a free velveteen pouch.

Buy one Railfuture-branded pen for £2.00, and up to four additional ones at only £1.00 each. Select one of the pen options (or cufflinks and pen) in the drop-down list on the right and click 'Buy Now'.

Photos of Railfuture pens taken by Steve Hill Photography www.stevehillphotography.net.

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We will aim to dispatch your order within 14 days but please allow 28 days for delivery. Enquiries should be sent to 24 Chedworth Place, Tattingstone, Suffolk IP9 2ND, or email books at railfuture.org.uk.

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Railfuture campaigns for cheap and convenient rail services for everyone; better links for buses, bikes and pedestrians; policies to get more heavy lorries on to rail; new lines, stations and freight terminals. In short, a better rail service and a bigger rail system for both passengers and freight.

Railfuture is pro-rail but not anti-road or anti-air. However, we campaign for a switch from road and air to rail. We do not interfere in the running of the railway - we campaign for the quality and range of services provided, not how they are delivered. We are the only champion of all rail users.

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