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From March 2020 for around a year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, government advice was not to travel by rail unless "essential", "necessary" or "absolutely necessary" — the words seemed to vary across train operators and government departments. Whilst understandable at times, it created the greatest risk to the future of the railway for decades. Enormous damage was done by constant negative messages, which spooked many people, collapsing the sustained growth seen since 1995. Many services have been reinstated in 2021, as restrictions have been eased, but there is a threat of future cuts in services, quality and investment, arising from reduced patronage. This must not be allowed to happen, and the public voice must be heard.

Railfuture is campaigning to persuade the government to do everything it realistically can to attract passengers back in order to secure the long-term future of the railway. This requires sustained marketing campaign, refining the flexi-season fares for regular users along with special leisure fares, and not discouraging travel through mandatory reservations.

The more people that Railfuture can say it represents the better, so please consider joining us.

Help improve our railway

Railfuture campaigns strongly on behalf of all rail users for a bigger and better railway that will make life easier for current and future passengers:

  • value for money fares
  • better customer service
  • more seats and better on-board facilities
  • more frequent, reliable services
  • quicker, easier journeys
  • more accessible trains and stations
  • new services, stations and lines
  • shifting freight from road to rail.
Join us to help make your rail journey better. As a member, you'll enjoy the support of a campaigning, voluntary organisation which is passionate about improving the services that our railways deliver.

You can meet other members at your local branch meetings or our national conferences, contribute to our newsletters, magazine and website, and choose to play an active role in our campaigns.

Members and subscribers both receive our magazine, Railwatch, four times a year, information from their local/nominated Railfuture branch and invitations to conferences and events (members are also invited to the AGM). Members can attend conferences at the 'early bird' special rate (two members per RUG) and receive discounts on certain books and merchandise.

The more members we have, the more influence we can exert on rail investment and operational decisions. Membership is welcomed from throughout the world.

How your membership fee is used

Railfuture aims to spend your money wisely, with the vast majority on campaigning and publications/events for members. Only a small proportion of the fee (based on £20) is spent on administration as the pie-chart below shows:

Significant rail campaign project expenditure is often funded by legacies and donations, all of which are ring-fenced in Railfuture's Fighting Fund.

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Membership of Railfuture is by an annual membership fee. It is £20 for individuals (£22 for joint), £14 if aged under 26, £25 for Rail User Groups, Local Authorities, and £35 for Businesses.

You can subscribe to Railwatch magazine without becoming a member of Railfuture. You would not receive the accounts or have any voting rights, and although you can be involved with Railfuture activites you could not hold an official position.

If you are already a member/subscriber and wish to renew, please click Renew Now, or click the 'Self-Care' option on the Member Services page to update your consents to receive communications.

Please select the category of membership you or your organisation require from the first drop-down list below, enter a promotional code (if you have one) and click on the 'buy now' button. Current members of Young Rail Professionals (YRP) may join at the 'Under 26' rate, but please mention this in the PayPal notes. Then choose the number of years in the second box and click on the 'buy now' button.

Special message for members of Alton Line Users' Association (ALUA):
Please do not pay using this website page. Railfuture has a special arrangement with ALUA. Please email [wessex at railfuture.org.uk] with your name and contact details and you will receive a response.

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