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Membership benefits

As a member of Railfuture you will receive our quarterly national magazine Railwatch. The nearest of our local branches to your address is notified of your membership; our fourteen branches campaign on local issues. They will advise you through their branch newsletter of events and meetings to which you are very welcome to attend.

You are also very welcome to attend our National Conference, details of which can be found in Railwatch or on the Railfuture website.

As a member of the only national independent voice for rail users you'll enjoy the satisfaction of supporting our campaign to improve and expand the services which our railways deliver.

How you can help

  • Do attend your local branch meetings
  • Please volunteer to assist in a local campaign
  • Do attend our National Conference
  • We have eight National Groups who determine policy and manage our national activities. They are Passenger Group; European Passenger Group; Infrastructure and Networks; Freight; Finance & IT; Membership; Communications (including Railwatch Editorial Board) and Governance. If you have expertise or relevant experience in any of these areas we would be delighted to hear from you at chair at railfuture.org.uk.
  • Recruit a friend to join Railfuture
  • Make a donation by clicking the 'Donate' button on the left or leave a legacy in your will.
But most important, remember to renew your membership on time!

Member services

Use this facility to opt in to receiving Railfuture AGM notices/annual accounts etc electronically, and to vote electronically in Elections.

If you need to inform us of a change in address, email address or phone number please contact renewals at railfuture.org.uk

Railfuture organisation

Although a membership organisation, Railfuture is constituted as a limited company, thus reducing the liability on members; each member is effectively an equal shareholder with other members. Railfuture therefore is required to hold an Annual General Meeting each year, at which the Annual Report is presented, and a Board of Directors, chosen from and by our members in Elections which are held each year.

We have an Honorary President, Christian Wolmar, and a number of Vice Presidents who advise Railfuture and help to raise our profile.

All members have a Resolution of Problems process available, and all members are bound by a Code of Conduct. That includes the elected Board of Directors, who additionally have their own Code of Conduct.


The following resources are provided for Railfuture campaign volunteers:


The library contains Railfuture documents, sorted by category, that can be viewed or downloaded.

Apply to join our campaign today – Join Now using your credit/debit card.

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