Fighting Fund

Railfuture can provide funding for rail campaigners to protect, enhance, and promote the railway.

Railfuture's former Rail Defence Fund provided funding to fight proposals to close stations and/or lines (now thankfully very rare). Its replacement, the Fighting Fund, has a wider remit and receives applications under three categories:

  • Developing proposals for infrastructure improvements to the British railway network, such as new/re-opened stations, re-opened lines, passing loops, line speed increases, station modernisations, electrification, etc.
  • General campaigning such as producing publicity to promote existing services and rail freight.
  • Fighting attempts to reduce passenger services (including closures).

Membership subscriptions go towards running Railfuture's general campaigning and providing services to members. The fund is accrued from donations, legacies, appeals and the annual draw.

Railfuture encourages its 14 branches to request funds for local campaigning where it cannot be covered by their annual branch budget grants.

Any organisation can apply for a grant, although preference will be given to Railfuture branches and Rail User Groups which are affiliated to Railfuture.

Applications from external organisations must be backed by a Railfuture branch and need to show how Railfuture would benefit from making an award. Outside organisations are expected to contribute towards their own campaign. There is a much stronger chance of an award if there are other contributors. If Railfuture is the only other source of funding then it will ask why other backers have not been found.

Typical awards are £100-£500, although some larger four-figure grants have also been made. Most applications are successful providing that the proposal is sound, and shows benefit to Railfuture. See examples of Fighting Fund awards

Railfuture expects to be given public recognition for any funding that it provides. Like all grants, the organisation must put forward a case for funding, with evidence.

How to apply for funding

Click here for Fighting Fund form

Considerable effort is expected from external organisations to show that their scheme is worthwhile and achievable. There are many demands upon Railfuture's finances and one of the expectations is that an award will lead to more people joining Railfuture. An application needs to show how this can happen.

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