Membership Renewal

Thank you for choosing to renew your membership of Railfuture.

Your support is appreciated to help Railfuture with its campaigns to promote Britain's railway for passengers and freight.

It is particularly important at this time, as we do not know what the post-COVID 'new normal' will mean for the railway.

If you (or your organisation) are not currently a member and wish to become one, please click Join Now. If you wish to update your consents to receive communications please click the 'Self-Care' option on the Member Services page.

After choosing the type and length of membership wanted, this page will take you to the PayPal page where you can safely make your payment either using an existing PayPal account or your credit/debit card. If you have a non-UK credit/debit card there may be issues with PayPal depending on the country in which it is registered (e.g. Germany) because additional information is required. Please e-mail [treasurer at railfuture.org.uk] in this case.

If you wish to renew by UK cheque then please send a cheque for the amount as shown below (adding a donation if you wish) and send it to: Railfuture Renewals, 14 Ghent Field Circle, Thurston, Suffolk IP31 3UP.

Payment Online - Choose type and duration of renewal

If you wish to renew your Railwatch subscription the please click [HERE].

You may also upgrade from being a Railwatch subscriber to becoming a member, which will entitle you to receive the annual accounts, vote in elections and hold office. However, please note that all applications to become a member need to be approved by the Railfuture board of directors, and in the unlikely event that your application is not accepted then your account will be credited.

Please choose one of the membership options below.

Select Type - please click one option

    Member Type

    Individual - from £20.00
    Joint - from £22.00
    RUG or similar - from £25.00
    Under 26 - from £14.00
    YRP Member - from £14.00
    Business - from £35.00

Select Duration - please click one option

    1 year
    2 years
    3 years

Your renewal will commence from one day after your current expiry date and will last for 1, 2 or 3 years as specified. If you are upgrading, e.g. to add family members, or converting to a member, then your new status will commence once it has been processed, but will expire as described above.


Any enquiries about renewing membership can be sent to Membership Renewals, 14 Ghent Field Circle, Thurston, Suffolk IP31 3UP or email [renewals at railfuture.org.uk].

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