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Members of Railfuture automatically get the 24-page full-colour Railwatch magazine every quarter. Each edition features news about the railway, a 'local action' column from each of the 14 branches (12 in England plus Scotland and Wales) and a lively letters column.

Back issues can be viewed on the www.railwatch.org.uk website.

If you wish to receive Railwatch without joining Railfuture as a member (and therefore not having the benefits of being a member) you can subscribe (or renew/extend your Railwatch subscription) in two ways:

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Terms and Conditions

Your subscription will begin from the next issue sent out to members (the mailing list is prepared about a week before issues arrive), which could be up to three months from now. The issue dates are typically December/January, March/April, June/July and September/October.

If you renew then the number of issues requested will be added to the end of your existing subscription.

If you join Railfuture as a member before your subscription ends then the value of any remaining issues will be treated as a donation.

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We use the personal information you give us for sending you Railwatch through the postal system (via a mail handling facility). By subscribing to Railwatch you agree to receive information notifying you of Railfuture activities such as conferences. No information is passed to any person or organisation outside Railfuture without your specific permission.

Subscription Enquiries: Alan Cocker, 11 Derwent Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 0QR. Orders by cheque can also be sent to this address.

All disputes should be address to the Railfuture Membership Administrator, via the contact details on the renewal page.

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