1. The prices shown include postage and packaging (unless otherwise stated) for addresses within the United Kingdom. Please do not place an order if your delivery address is outside of the UK. It may be possible to arrange delivery to other countries subject to an additional charge so please contact us via the 'books' email address shown below to enquire.
  2. Full refunds will be made in the case of non-delivery including items that are no longer in stock and orders places to addreses outside of the UK.
  3. Railfuture will aim to dispatch the item(s) within 14 days, but please allow 28 days for delivery.
  4. If you have not received your book after this time please contact the address given below in the first instance.
  5. If your book or item is damaged in the post, please return it within seven days of receipt to the address given below for a replacement copy.
  6. You agree that Railfuture can contact you about our future publications, including further volumes of Britain's Growing Railway, unless you email us at [books at railfuture.org.uk] (please mention "Sales items via link from Railfuture website") expressing your wish not to be contacted.
  7. In case of any complaint, please write, in the first instance, to the contact address given below. If you feel your complaint is unresolved, please contact the Company Secretary, Railfuture, Edinburgh House, 1-5 Bellevue Road, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 7NP.
  8. We will use the personal information you give us for internal administration purposes including notifying you of future Railfuture publications.
    • For items marked 'posted by external agent' Railfuture does not hold the item in stock and your contact details will be given to the agent that will dispatch the book solely for that purpose. They will have signed a written agreement with Railfuture not to use your details for any other purpose.
    • Apart from the above bullet point, no information is passed to any person or organisation outside Railfuture without your specific permission.
    • If you wish to place any further restrictions on the use of your personal information please contact the Membership Secretary at [renewals at railfuture.org.uk] or write to the postal address given below (please mention: "Restrictions on use of personal details via link from Railfuture website).

Contact Address
14 Ghent Field Circle, Thurston, Suffolk IP31 3UP or e-mail [books at railfuture.org.uk] (please mention "Sales items (via link from Railfuture website).

Legal Information
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Railfuture is the campaigning name of Railfuture Ltd.
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Registered Office: Edinburgh House, 1-5 Bellevue Road, Clevedon, North Somerset BS21 7NP (for legal correspondence only).
All other correspondence to 14 Ghent Field Circle, Thurston, Suffolk IP31 3UP