GoCardless Mandate for Railwatch Subsription Renewal

If you pay nearly all of your bills with direct debit, then why not do so with Railfuture as well?

This page explains how a direct debit mandate to collect your annual Railfuture membership or Railwatch subscription works. Please read the information below, and if you wish to go ahead, then please send an email to [renewals at railfuture.org.uk]. If your renewal is due then we will send you a link for your type of membership (e.g. individual) or Railwatch subscription, so that you can create a mandate; otherwise we will record your interest and email you with the relevant link when your renewal becomes due.

How it works

All you need an email address (just like with PayPal) and a bank account that supports direct debits.

Railfuture uses GoCardless to provide our direct debit service. They will hold your bank details (e.g. sort code and account number if it is a UK bank account) so that a direct debit payment can be taken from it on a recurring (i.e. annual) basis. Railfuture does not hold your bank details, and will not be told them, other than the name (not branch) of the bank and the last two digits of the account number.

You will receive an email when the mandate is setup — this will show you how to change the details, or to cancel if you change your mind. An email will also be sent just before each payment is to be collected.

Railfuture will only be told your name, postal address and email address. This should be more than enough to confidently match that against our database. In the very unlikely event that we cannot (e.g. your name is John Smith and both the postal and email address used are unknown to us) then we will email you to ask who you are so that we can link payments to your membership record. That is the last time you need to do anything, if you wish to continue paying each year.

GoCardless is fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Railfuture uses annual direct debits to collect the renewal payment for a membership or subscription. The advantage for you is no longer having to worry about making a payment each year, or failing to do so. If the fee is increased then the direct debit will take account of this (unlike a standing order where you need to contact your bank to change the amount). You will no longer receive a reminder with Railwatch magazine (whether you receive it by post or email). Railfuture benefits by not having to chase for payments, meaning that our volunteers can spend their time on campaigning for a bigger, better railway, rather than administration. We also pay a lower fee than with PayPal.

When Railfuture will change your payment date or amount

You can setup a direct debit mandate whenever you wish. A payment will be taken about five working days later. The ideal time to set it up is a few days before your membership ends, as your payment will be synchronised with your renewal date. If you setup the mandate a significant time after your renewal date then we will amend the payment schedule to take the second and successive payment around your renewal date (we might also do the same if you paid several months before it was due). This date change will be performed by Railfuture as a two-step process: cancelling your existing subscription and creating another one (using the same bank mandate details). This will trigger two emails. The same method would also be used if you change your membership type e.g. between individual and joint, or if there is an increase in membership/subscription rates.

Terminating or changing your mandate

Please contact Railfuture at the email (or postal) address below if you wish to cancel your mandate, if you wish to change to a different type of membership (e.g. from individual to joint or vice versa) or if your bank details change. In the latter case a new mandate may need to be created. If Railfuture is informed of a resignation or death then the mandate will be cancelled by us.

You also have the ability to cancel the direct debit mandate through your bank at any time, usually via online banking. You are in control even though it is a ongoing mandate.


Any enquiries about renewing membership can be sent to Membership Renewals, 14 Ghent Field Circle, Thurston, Suffolk IP31 3UP or email [renewals at railfuture.org.uk].

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