Railfuture is delighted to receive support from members or others in the form of legacies.

Over the past few years, several members have helped Railfuture in this way.

If you would like to support Railfuture, you can help by ensuring that the will is made out in favour of the Railfuture/Railway Development Society.

Money received from legacies is held in reserve for major campaigning and is not used for day-to-day administration.

Points to help you decide:

By making a will, you ensure that your family and friends, and the causes you believe in, benefit in line with your wishes.

You can choose whether you want Railfuture to have a specific amount of money or a percentage share of your estate.

You may want to take legal advice, but you include one of the following choices of wording:

I give and bequeath to Railfuture/Railway Development Society the sum of £....

I give and bequeath to the Railfuture/Railway Development Society Ltd .... per cent of the net proceeds of sales of my property known as ......................

I give and bequeath to each of the following charities and/or persons the percentage of the residue of my estate set opposite their names, being the amount remaining after payment of my debts and funeral and testamentary expenses and payment of specific legacies: 1. Railfuture/Railway Development Society Ltd ........... percentage. 2. Other charities or persons ......... percentage.

Including the following phrase in your will may help: "I direct that the receipt of an authorised officer of the Railfuture/Railway Development Society Ltd, 24 Chedworth Place, Tattingstone, Suffolk IP9 2ND, shall be a sufficient discharge for my executors/trustees."

If you wish, you can also ask for donations to Railfuture, rather than flowers, at your funeral.

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