People first

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 14 of Apr, 2001 14:40 BST - (2120 Reads)
Transport planners are being told by the Government they should in future give priority to people instead of trying to improve the flow of traffic.

Fares must come down

Author: railwatch - Published At: Mon 09 of Apr, 2001 11:44 BST - (1985 Reads)
Transport Minister Lord Macdonald, who has made a series of concessions to the road lobby - allowing bigger lorries and building more roads - is now telling rail users to go by road or air instead.

Making freight fairer

Author: rdsnews - Published At: Fri 06 of Apr, 2001 09:08 BST - (2543 Reads)
Railfuture congratulates the Rail Regulator for halving the cost that freight train operators pay Railtrack to use the tracks. This is part of a raft of measures announced yesterday to encourage more freight to be carried by rail.

New rail freight player

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 31 of Mar, 2001 22:13 BST - (3634 Reads)
A new rail freight operator emerged last week and already it has an eight-year contract to help Railtrack maintain and renew the track.

Anglo-Scottish threat

Author: railwatch - Published At: Wed 28 of Mar, 2001 15:18 BST - (3177 Reads)
The proposed construction of a DIY store on the trackbed of the former Carlisle avoiding lines would block expansion of both freight and passenger services between England and Scotland.

Rail victims remembered

Author: railwatch - Published At: Wed 28 of Mar, 2001 13:47 BST - (2544 Reads)
Rail union leaders will plant a tree tomorrow in memory of everyone who has died or been injured in rail accidents.

"Wreckers" on the line

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 24 of Mar, 2001 17:03 GMT - (2605 Reads)
A small section of the Luton-Dunstable rail line was ripped up on Tuesday 13 March 2001 to make sure that trains cannot run.

Bring back BR

Author: railwatch - Published At: Wed 21 of Mar, 2001 18:29 GMT - (2416 Reads)
More than 75% of the British public wants the railway network renationalised.

Options for change

Author: railwatch - Published At: Wed 14 of Mar, 2001 13:26 GMT - (2206 Reads)
Transport 2000 has tried to stimulate the argument over what the future of the railways with its report The Railways: Where do we go from here?

Keswick reopening project

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 03 of Mar, 2001 23:37 GMT - (2244 Reads)
Over 1,500 prospectuses for the project to reopen the railway to Keswick have been despatched and applications are still steadily flowing in. After a lull for Christmas and the New Year, good progress is being made again with over 350 applications received to date. Certificates are being issued in batches twice each month.

Chiltern Metro

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 03 of Mar, 2001 23:09 GMT - (3341 Reads)
Save Our Railways has launched a new campaign for a fast, environment-lly friendly Chiltern Metro rail service.

from plane to train at European airports

Author: rdsnews - Published At: Tue 27 of Feb, 2001 17:11 GMT - (2769 Reads)
Railfuture congratulates Lufthansa, the German airline, for initiating a switch of passengers from plane to train. In March the airline will take some passengers booked on short haul flights by train from Stuttgart via Frankfurt airport.

Take back the track

Author: railwatch - Published At: Mon 26 of Feb, 2001 13:18 GMT - (2204 Reads)
The three rail unions launched a national campaign in January to persuade the Government to take Railtrack back into public ownership in the wake of the "industry’s post-Hatfield chaos".

Railway ousted

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 24 of Feb, 2001 22:57 GMT - (3885 Reads)
The North Somerset Railway which had plans to reinstate the Radstock-Frome line has been evicted from its base within the old railway station/goods area by Bath and North East Somerset Council and the Norton and Radstock Regeneration Company.

Plane to train

Author: railwatch - Published At: Fri 23 of Feb, 2001 21:56 GMT - (2453 Reads)
The attractions of trains and the drawbacks of flying are becoming increasingly apparent around the world.
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