Speed challenge

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sun 16 of Mar, 2003 23:26 GMT - (2329 Reads)
The Government's decision to make councils to paint speed cameras yellow is being challenged by road safety campaigners on Thursday 20 March 2003.

Ticket offer

Author: railwatch - Published At: Fri 14 of Mar, 2003 12:47 GMT - (2512 Reads)
Central Trains is celebrating the launch of their new website with a free rail ticket offer.

Safety first

Author: railwatch - Published At: Sat 08 of Mar, 2003 21:24 GMT - (2689 Reads)
Railway safety will be promoted worldwide on Friday 14 March 2003 when rail workers in over 60 countries join together as part of a global action day.

Blank cheques

Author: railwatch - Published At: Wed 05 of Mar, 2003 15:02 GMT - (2348 Reads)
Railfuture member Malcolm Smith tried an experiment on the BBC news website on 4 March 2003.

Wolmar's view

Author: railwatch - Published At: Tue 11 of Feb, 2003 09:52 GMT - (3255 Reads)
Respected author and journalist Christian Wolmar will speaks about Britain's railways at a public meeting organised by Railfuture East Anglia on Saturday 22 February 2003.

Slow down

Author: railwatch - Published At: Thu 06 of Feb, 2003 11:06 GMT - (2731 Reads)
Well-designed traffic calming in 20mph zones can dramatically cut the number of road accidents.

Northern Rail

Author: railwatch - Published At: Tue 04 of Feb, 2003 13:21 GMT - (2732 Reads)
The Strategic Rail Authority has agreed terms for Arriva Trains Northern to continue running rail services until new franchises are awarded.

Positive action

Author: railwatch - Published At: Thu 30 of Jan, 2003 20:40 GMT - (2373 Reads)
Railfuture gives a cautious welcome to the Strategic Rail Authority's announcement of its Second Strategic Plan.

Service cuts

Author: railwatch - Published At: Mon 27 of Jan, 2003 08:57 GMT - (2435 Reads)
The service cuts recently announced by the Strategic Rail Authority have alarmed rail campaigners.

Losing money

Author: railwatch - Published At: Mon 20 of Jan, 2003 16:20 GMT - (2486 Reads)
Road building has already been discredited as a way of solving transport problems but there is evidence that it also undermines local economies.

Rail boom

Author: railwatch - Published At: Thu 09 of Jan, 2003 13:35 GMT - (2387 Reads)
The number of people travelling on CrossCountry trains has reportedly increased by 40% since the introduction in September 2002 of new trains and a new timetable providing many more trains and more regular departures.

Time for change

Author: railwatch - Published At: Tue 29 of Oct, 2002 16:45 GMT - (2474 Reads)
Train companies are being challenged to produce timetables that passengers can understand after research shows that their timetable booklets baffle at least a third of their customers.

Light rail show

Author: railwatch - Published At: Mon 16 of Sep, 2002 11:49 BST - (2768 Reads)
The 2002 Light Rail Conference and Exhibition is to be held from 22 to 24 October 2002 in Manchester.

Cash Boost

Author: railwatch - Published At: Tue 25 of Jun, 2002 19:48 BST - (2524 Reads)
The Association of Community-Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) has awarded nearly

Ticket check

Author: railwatch - Published At: Mon 17 of Jun, 2002 20:53 BST - (2441 Reads)
Central Trains has employed an extra 24 staff to provide permanently staffed barriers at Birmingham New Street station.

Reopening success

Author: railwatch - Published At: Wed 12 of Jun, 2002 10:34 BST - (5462 Reads)
A reopened rail line is going from strength to strength, nine years after trains started running again.

Misleading busway

Author: railwatch - Published At: Wed 17 of Apr, 2002 15:07 BST - (2494 Reads)
The Advertising Standards Authority upheld three complaints on 10 April 2002 against Luton Borough Council, ruling that an advertisement about the guided bus planned for the Luton-Dunstable rail line contained factual inaccuracies that meant it was misleading.
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