East-West double boost

Author: Phil Smart - Published At: Tue 05 of Apr, 2016 16:09 BST - (4973 Reads)
Phil Smart, a member of Railfuture and a councillor on Ipswich Borough Council (one of the founders of the ‘East-West Rail Consortium’ of local authorities) welcomes the announcement by Network Rail of the preferred corridor for the East West Rail Central Section, and the support of the National Infrastructure Commission. Photo: the new Addenbrookes station site, the only common point on the various route options.

Blue sky over Wight

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 21 of Mar, 2016 12:17 GMT - (4150 Reads)
Written on a bright sunny day on the island, this article does not pretend to provide the answer for Island Line; rather it aims to stimulate the political discussion, economic analysis, commercial negotiation and technical investigation necessary to achieve a sustainable long-term solution. T69 tram recently withdrawn by Midland Metro, suggested in the Garnett report for the Isle of Wight – photo by Joshua Brown reproduced under Creative Commons

Garnett on Wight

Author: Stuart George - Published At: Fri 11 of Mar, 2016 12:08 GMT - (4153 Reads)
Stuart George, chairman of the IW Bus & Rail Users’ Group and a Railfuture member living on the Isle of Wight, reviews the report by Christopher Garnett on the future of the Island Line.

That Riviera Touch

Author: Michael Tombs - Published At: Tue 01 of Mar, 2016 18:14 GMT - (3440 Reads)
The Nuckle saga contines to roll on but this time in a much more positive mode.

Celebrating a campaigner

Author: David Harby - Published At: Wed 24 of Feb, 2016 16:42 GMT - (3164 Reads)
A bench, presented by Railfuture, and inscribed in the memory of Brian James Hastings was unveiled at Crowle station on 23rd February.

Delay repay losers

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Fri 12 of Feb, 2016 20:42 GMT - (5834 Reads)
Britain is perceived to have high rail fares in comparison to other European countries. However, the entire package needs to be considered and few people appreciate some of the ’freebies’ that the fare buys, including a generous refund policy when trains are delayed. Unfortunately some people have abused this – fraudulently – for financial gain, as a news article in the London Evening Standard showed on 11th February 2016 (see photo and headline above).

20 years going in circles?

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Fri 05 of Feb, 2016 21:33 GMT - (4513 Reads)
On 4th February 1996 the most noticeable change arising from privatisation of Britain’s railway was the start of services by South West Trains, the first private company to carry passengers since 1948.The photo above, by Andrew Butcher and taken from Wikipedia, shows a British Rail Class 444 approaching Clapham Junction railway station

Mountain of ideas

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Tue 26 of Jan, 2016 19:17 GMT - (5446 Reads)
Railfuture campaigns for a bigger and better railway in Britain – one that is modern, innovative, welcoming and meets the growing expectations of passengers. There are a mountain of ideas that can be emulated from railways around the world. Salzburg provides a good starting point.

Sent to Coventry

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Sun 24 of Jan, 2016 19:43 GMT - (4650 Reads)
Ever wanted to send someone to Coventry? Well, the railway can certainly help you do that. The city is served by fast frequent trains. But supposing you wanted to send them to Coventry Arena? Well, that’s a different matter - unless you are using German (left) or Austrian (right) apps and sites because they know precisely where the stations are, as the map on their apps proves.

White NUCKLE ride

Author: Michael Tombs - Published At: Mon 18 of Jan, 2016 23:50 GMT - (6227 Reads)
Two new stations, Coventry Arena and Bermuda Park, opened today as the first step in the NUCKLE programe, which has been a white knuckle ride in railway planning. The line between Coventry and Nuneaton has been nicknamed the Bermuda Triangle line because trains will disappear when a match at the Ricoh Arena finishes.

Southern orange

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Thu 14 of Jan, 2016 01:00 GMT - (3427 Reads)
Turning South London Orange – a report published by Centre for London today recommends reforming suburban rail to support London’s next wave of growth.

New Year, better railway

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Fri 01 of Jan, 2016 15:05 GMT - (4859 Reads)
Railfuture looks forward to a lot of rail schemes coming to fruition in 2016 along with progress on longer-term schemes such as CrossRail, Thameslink and electrification. However, it’s important not to forget about the small things that improves the passenger experience. Railfuture has a wish list for those items too.

Nine days rail surge

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Sat 26 of Dec, 2015 18:06 GMT - (3942 Reads)
In a nine-day period in December 2015 passengers benefited from the opening of two tram extensions (the above photo shows the Midland Metro leaving Bull Street for Wolverhampton - by Ian Brown), two brand new stations, a relocated and much-improved station plus the resumption of train services through a re-bored and much larger tunnel allowing faster journeys and future electrification. It’s not a bad way to end 2015 – a year that also saw the longest ever rail reopening – and hopefully a sign of further progress in 2016.)

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