Passenger growth future?

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Wed 23 of Dec, 2015 17:24 GMT - (3878 Reads)
Britain’s railway has seen a massive growth in the number of passenger journeys over the last 20 years. There are various reasons for this unexpected and unprecedented resurgence. However, looking at the graphic from the Shaw Report (interim) published in November 2015, one might ask how this has been possible without a corresponding increase in capacity.

Northern + TPE franchises

Author: Chris Hyomes - Published At: Wed 09 of Dec, 2015 23:31 GMT - (3927 Reads)

PASSENGERS were promised a transformation in their journeys today as the winning companies to run Northern rail services were announced.

EU looks at transport

Author: Jerry Alderson (based on a report by Nigel Perkins) - Published At: Fri 27 of Nov, 2015 19:21 GMT - (2893 Reads)
The European Union has influenced Britain’s railway for more than two years. Some Railfuture members recently sat in on transport discussions at the European Parliament in Brussels (photo shows Parliament building, left, and the entrance to the adjacent Luxembourg railway station on the right).

RUG Award winners 2015

Author: Roger Blake - Published At: Sun 15 of Nov, 2015 19:08 GMT - (4575 Reads)
On behalf of Railfuture Scotland, Allison Cosgrove received the Judges Special Award from Railfuture President Christian Wolmar in recognition of all who contributed to the campaign to reopen the Borders Railway.

Passenger priorities

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Tue 10 of Nov, 2015 17:53 GMT - (3123 Reads)
Rail passengers have increasing expectations and we all need them to be satisfied if the railway is to continue to grow and take an increasing market share. So, what matters to them? This photo montage may give some ideas.

Passenger frustration

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Mon 09 of Nov, 2015 20:37 GMT - (3317 Reads)
The Woodlesford Train Users Action Group has been formed by disgruntled passengers fed up with overcrowding and late trains after being told that no improvement was on the horizon.

Oxford Parkway opens

Author: Richard Stow - Published At: Thu 29 of Oct, 2015 20:46 GMT - (5062 Reads)
Railfuture members were out in force on Monday to celebrate the official opening of the first new main line between two English cities since 1899, the first new station in Oxfordshire for 70 years, and the first step in reinstating rail services between Oxford and Cambridge.

London-south coast study

Author: Chris Page and Roger Blake - Published At: Tue 20 of Oct, 2015 19:36 BST - (6337 Reads)
The DfT took the opportunity of the official opening of the Thameslink traincare depot at Three Bridges last week to publish the Terms of Reference for the London and South Coast Rail Corridor Study, which will review the demand for rail travel and proposed rail schemes in the area between London and the South Coast. Keymer Junction (pictured) is the key constraint on the Brighton Main Line south of Three Bridges; Network Rail proposes quadruple track and a dive-under junction here to boost capacity. Alongside this study, local authorities must quantify the economic growth benefits which rail investment in the area would generate.

Accessible travel

Author: Ian Brown (edited and photos provided by Jerry Alderson) - Published At: Fri 16 of Oct, 2015 21:11 BST - (4231 Reads)
Railfuture champions rail passengers and campaigns for a bigger and better railway that is fit for purpose and provides a good passenger experience. A railway that is accessible to everyone is vital but British railway industry standards can be over the top adding millions to the cost of opening or enhancing stations as the ramps at Honeybourne (photo above) show, yet still fail to provide truly accessible travel. This article also looks at how accessibiilty is supported in other countries.

Standing room only

Author: Norman Bradbury and Chris Page - Published At: Thu 15 of Oct, 2015 11:24 BST - (8628 Reads)
Today Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, formally opened the new depot at Three Bridges and launched the new Class 700 Thameslink fleet which will be maintained there. Whilst the new journey opportunities that will be created by Thameslink are welcome, the design of the new trains highlights the need for more infrastructure capacity between East Croydon and London Bridge.

Bexhill Hastings biz case

Author: Roger Blake - Published At: Fri 09 of Oct, 2015 11:11 BST - (4421 Reads)
The Hastings Rother Taskforce presented the economic case for running high speed rail services to Rye, Hastings and Bexhill to a stakeholder group, including Railfuture, in Bexhill today.

Robin Hood Enterprise

Author: David Harby - Published At: Mon 21 of Sep, 2015 18:04 BST - (5315 Reads)
Good news for Railfuture's aspiration to see Robin Hood Line services extended through Warsop and Edwinstowe to Ollerton, to serve proposed business parks on the site of the now-closed Thoresby Colliery near Edwinstowe, and Center Parcs near Ollerton.

Eurostar snapshot survey

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Sat 19 of Sep, 2015 18:59 BST - (4257 Reads)
Railfuture has published a Snapshot Survey of Eurostar based on the opinions of passengers over a 12-month period. Railfuture has actively promoted the Eurostar services and the environmentally friendly journey opportunities they have offered. This article comments on some of the results and how the service has changed.

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