Sign our letter calling for a fund for rail reopenings

More and more people using the railways. With Campaign for Better Transport, we want to see lines and stations closed by British Railways reopened where the economic factors that brought about their closure have changed, and new lines and stations built to serve new communities. But this will take real commitment and real funding.

We were delighted when the Government announced plans to expand the rail network as part of its Strategic Vision for Rail. But this 'vision' must be backed by funding. As our 'Expanding the Railways' guide shows, this is particularly important for the early stages of project development where the absence of a clear process identifying which schemes should progress can make it difficult for potential partners to give financial support.

The New Stations Fund has been successful and Scotland has set up it's own Local Rail Development Fund. So now we've written to ask the Government to set up a 'network development fund' to support project development for new and reopened rail lines and stations.

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