Investment in the North

Author: Chris Page - Published Thu 27 of May, 2021 22:34 BST - (965 Reads)
What infrastructure investment and innovation is needed to build back a smarter, faster, greener and more reliable rail network, improve the passenger experience, and accelerate decarbonisation? Artists impression of a through station for HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail at Manchester Piccadilly. Image by Weston Williamson.

Spending Review 2020

Author: Neil Middleton - Published Wed 23 of Sep, 2020 18:15 BST - (2715 Reads)
We have made a representation to HM Treasury’s Autumn 2020 Comprehensive Spending Review consultation. In it, we emphasised the importance of the Railway to reducing carbon use (as it can be an efficient consumer of carbon) and to moving people and freight efficiently to help deliver economic growth, including ‘levelling up’. Image from Birmingham University

Northern franchise

Author: Railfuture Board - Published Fri 10 of Jan, 2020 14:37 GMT - (4968 Reads)
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has stated that he will take action on the Northern franchise, but will not decide until end January 2020 exactly what that action will be - either an Operator of Last Resort or a direct contract. Railfuture analyses the causes of Northern’s poor performance and recommends what action the Transport Secretary should take. Insufficient time was allowed between letting the franchise and the PRM compliance deadline for procurement, delivery and testing of new trains such as these class 195 units. Image by Geof Sheppard under CC by SA 4.0.

Railfuture 2030 manifesto

Author: Railfuture Board - Published Tue 07 of Jan, 2020 13:57 GMT - (6398 Reads)
Our 10 year manifesto for the new government and the rail industry represents a distillation of the electorate’s wishes, published manifesto commitments and expectations for a developing railway for the UK. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, pictured (left) launching the extension of Oyster and contactless cards to Potters Bar and Radlett, has the job of delivering these expectations. Image oliverdowden.com.

Party manifestos for rail

Author: Ian Brown CBE FCILT - Published Fri 29 of Nov, 2019 23:22 GMT - (4738 Reads)
This is Railfuture’s guide to the 2019 election manifestos. Transport commitments are quoted verbatim in red italics. A commentary is provided in black, non-italics giving Railfuture’s position or observation on each. Our analysis includes other modes, both to illustrate emphasis but also to ascertain how changes to other modes may benefit railways, such as integrated travel. The most important issue to be tackled by the next government is to provide capacity for double the number of passengers, both to resolve the overcrowding (despite new trains) illustrated at Manchester and Euston, and to address climate change by modal shift from road to rail.

South East Rail Strategy

Author: Chris Page - Published Fri 08 of Nov, 2019 14:29 GMT - (3608 Reads)
Transport for the South East (TfSE) has recently published its draft transport strategy to achieve sustainable growth in the region. Railfuture invites your comments on how this objective should be achieved. Image by Sherlock Holmes Lending Solutions - Dollar Photo Club.

Multifranchise disservice

Author: Dennis Fancett - Published Sun 10 of Mar, 2019 12:29 GMT - (4057 Reads)
In the first of a series focusing on individual topics raised by the Railfuture response to the Williams review, South East Northumberland Rail User Group (SENRUG) chair Dennis Fancett highlights the lack of a coordinated timetable on routes served by multiple train operators. Arriva Cross Country and East Coast (now LNER) trains at Newcastle Central - photo by Russel Wills reproduced under Creative Commons.

Williams Rail Review

Author: Ian Brown CBE FCILT - Published Fri 18 of Jan, 2019 13:43 GMT - (6042 Reads)
Railfuture has submitted its initial response to the Williams Rail Review, with the theme of incentivising the rail industry to work efficiently on behalf of its customers. These passengers at Euston want to feel that the industry cares for them, and that disruption is a rarity rather than the norm. Photo Network Rail.

The 2018 Rail Review

Author: Ian Brown - Published Wed 31 of Oct, 2018 13:51 GMT - (5201 Reads)
The Rail Review – what are the facts? A briefing by Ian Brown CBE FCILT, Railfuture Policy Director, on the Rail Review announced by Chris Grayling on 20 September 2018. Image: DfT.

UN Climate Change report

Author: Ian Brown - Published Wed 10 of Oct, 2018 21:12 BST - (4149 Reads)
Briefing by Ian Brown CBE FCILT, Railfuture Policy Director, on the effects of climate change and the need for investment in rail to provide sustainable transport which will help to reduce climate change. Image by iStock.

Our brief to aspiring MPs

Author: Ian Brown CBE, Railfuture Policy Director - Published Sat 13 of May, 2017 19:03 BST - (5350 Reads)
Railfuture wants a bigger better railway. The railways were built to create economic wealth, and our message to parliamentary candidates is that a continued high level of investment in rail is essential to promote economic growth. Passengers will start using the Crossrail tunnels under London in 2018, making their life easier - photo courtesy Crossrail Ltd.

Transport hustings

Author: Steve Wright - Published Mon 17 of Apr, 2017 19:49 BST - (4549 Reads)
The West Midlands is desperately underfunded for transport - that was the overwhelming consensus of the mayoral candidates who met on Thursday 6th April 2017 to debate the region's transport needs. The five major parties were represented at a public debate organised by Railfuture and Friends of the Earth.

Putting passengers first

Author: Chris Page - Published Sun 04 of Dec, 2016 18:22 GMT - (6958 Reads)
Following our letter of 18th July 2016 to the Transport Secretary, Railfuture were invited to a meeting with the Rail Minister, Paul Maynard MP, on Monday 28th November 2016.

Letter to Chris Grayling

Author: Chris Page - Published Mon 18 of Jul, 2016 09:58 BST - (6897 Reads)
Railfuture has written an open letter to Chris Grayling, the new Secretary of State for Transport, welcoming him to his new role with our top ten recommendations for the future of rail.

Response to Shaw report

Author: Ian Brown - Published Wed 23 of Mar, 2016 11:40 GMT - (5094 Reads)

Nicola Shaw CBE, formerly CEO of HS1, was asked by government to produce a report on the future shape and financing of Network Rail. This is Railfuture's response to the Shaw Report, by our Policy Director, Ian Brown CBE BSc FCILT.

Graphic from the Shaw report shows the new shape for Network Rail.

Message to The House

Author: Chris Austin - Published Fri 29 of May, 2015 18:12 BST - (3244 Reads)

This article by Chris Austin, Railfuture Head of Infrastructure and Networks Group, was published today in The House, the magazine of the Houses of Parliament. It brings the electorate's wishes and expectations for a developing railway in the UK to the attention of the new parliament.

Plane to train

Author: Ray King - Published Sun 11 of Jul, 2004 21:20 BST - (4978 Reads)
The Government should do its best to switch travellers from planes to trains, says a think-tank.

Thomas house

Author: Ray King - Published Mon 03 of May, 2004 12:06 BST - (5028 Reads)
A house which belonged to Thomas the Tank Engine author Wilbert Awdry is being sold for more than £600,000.