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Railfuture Books

Britain's Growing Railway - An A-Z of Reopenings

By Railfuture's Networks Group.
192-page perfect-bound colour book - 210mm x 148mm
Lists all stations opened in the last 50 years (to mid-2017). [More]
Published in 2017

Price £5.00  Item code: BGR1 - Click to purchase: continue

Book cover
Other Books

Remote Stations

By Peter Caton.
Contains approx. 60 colour photos
Describes the author's journeys to 40 of the most remote railway stations around Britian, mostly still open but a few closed. As you'd expect it includes the likes of Corrour, Altnabreac, Dovey Junction and Berney Arms, but also many less obvious ones to make it as varied as possible. [More]
Published in Autumn 2018

Price £9.00 (RRP £9.99)  Item code: REMS - Click to purchase: continue

Book cover
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