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Membership of Railfuture is by an annual membership fee of between £14 and £18 (offer) for individuals (16 or over) and from £21 for Rail User Groups, Local Authorities, Businesses etc.

It is also possible to become a 'supporter' of Railfuture, which gives you some of the benefits but you do not become a member and therefore do not receive the accounts or have any voting rights. Currently the ability to become a supporter is restricted to under 16s and members of certain organisations that have affiliated with Railfuture.

If you are already a member/supporter and wish to renew, please click Renew Now, or click Preferences to update your membership preferences (e.g. for electronic communication and electronic voting).

Because we have kept tight control of our costs (having made more use of e-mail and introduced electronic communication) we are currently offering a £3 discount on the full membership rate for individuals - i.e. just £18. This is intended to help people who are on a low income, but anyone can, if they wish, pay the discounted amount. It is hoped that those who can pay the full rate will do so.

Please select the type of membership required for yourself or your organisation from the first drop-down list (or supporter organisation from the second drop-down list), also enter a promotional code (if you have one) and click on the 'buy now' button.

This page will take you to the PayPal page where you can safely make your payment either using an existing PayPal account or your credit/debit card. If you have a non-UK credit/debit card there may be issues with PayPal depending on the country in which it is registered (e.g. Germany) because additional information is required. Please e-mail 'treasurer' at in this case.

Alternatively you can download an application form here (PDF format), which should then be sent to:
Membership Secretary, Railfuture, 1 Queens Road, Barnetby le Wold, North Lincolnshire DN38 6JH.

This form does not contain the 'supporter' options available, so please write on the form if you are under 16 or the name of the Railfuture organisation that you are a member of and where you saw the supporter's rate mentioned.

Join us!

Members and supporters both receive our magazine, Railwatch, four times a year, plus information from their local Railfuture branch plus invitations to conferences and events (members are also invited to the AGM). Members (and under 16 supporters) can attend conferences at the 'early bird' special rate (two members per RUG). Discounts on books and merchandise are also available.

Membership is welcomed from throughout the world.

Terms and Conditions - Membership

All membership applications (whether submitted online [via PayPal], by post or at a Railfuture event) need to be approved by the Railfuture board of directors. You do not become a member of the society until the Membership Secretary confirms it in writing and issues a membership number. In the event that your application is not accepted then your account will be credited, or your cash/cheque returned.

You will become a member of the Railway Development Society Ltd., a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. In the event that the company is wound up your liability will be limited to just £1.

Your will be sent a membership pack within 28 days. This will be to the address that you gave when making a payment through PayPal or the address that you wrote on the membership application form.

Terms and Conditions - Supporter

Supporters do not have a say in the running of Railfuture. They will not be entitled to vote in the annual election of directors, at the national or any branch AGM. They may not stand for any position within Railfuture and do not receive the annual accounts or any other statutory literature. However, they will receive certain publications and may, on a case-by-case basis, be entitled to discounts.

By becoming a supporter you agree to receive promotional literature from Railfuture, which may continue beyond the expiry of your supporter status.

In the list of Supporter Types above, FoSCL refers to the Friends of the Settle and Carlisle line, CLPG refers to the Costwold Line Promotion Group and SELRAP for the Skipton East Lancashire Railway Action Partnership. You may only select a supporter organisation if you are currently a member of one of these organisations. Your supporter status will only last for 12 months and must still be a member of them in order to renew your Railfuture supporter status. There is no restriction to an organsiation for anyone who is under 16.

Refunds / Transfer of Membership

Membership is transferrable e.g. upon death of the main member to a joint member.

Other than the initial period when covered by statutory rights, refunds of membership/support fees will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Where given they are usually based on the number of editions of Railwatch magazine remaining. Because of the administrative effort (by unpaid volunteers) of making a refund Railfuture will not consider refunds where the amount would be less than £10.


Any enquiries about membership can be sent to the Membership Secretary at the Lincoln address above, or e-mail membership at


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About Railfuture

Railfuture is an independent, voluntary group representing rail users in Britain with 20,000 affiliated and individual members. It is not funded by train companies, political parties or trade unions, and all members have an equal say.

Railfuture campaigns for cheap and convenient rail services for everyone; better links for buses, bikes and pedestrians; policies to get more heavy lorries on to rail; new lines, stations and freight terminals. In short, a better rail service and a bigger rail system for both passengers and freight.

Railfuture is pro-rail but not anti-road or anti-air. However, we campaign for a switch from road and air to rail. We do not interfere in the running of the railway - we campaign for the quality and range of services provided, not how they are delivered. We are the only champion of all rail users.

Railfuture is the campaigning name of Railfuture Ltd.

A not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee.

Registered in England and Wales No. 5011634.

Registered Office: 24 Chedworth Place, Tattingstone, Suffolk IP9 2ND.

© Copyright Railfuture 2018.

Railfuture is happy for extracts to be used by journalists, researchers and students. We would, however, appreciate a mention of Railfuture in any article, website or programme. Except with Railfuture's express written permission, no one should distribute or commercially exploit the content.

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