Railfuture Campaigning Materials

PDF  1. List of MPs to lobby: leaflet (PDF, 239kB).

PDF  2. Campaign leaflet (with route map and timeline): leaflet (PDF, 1.14B).

PDF  3. Postcard to send to MP: 'postcard' (PDF, 34kB).

PDF  4. East West Article: Railfuture article in Railway Herald 217 (March 2010) (PDF, 141kB)

MAP  5. East West route map (location within UK): Route Map 1 (JPEG) (alternate PDF version)

MAP  6. East West route map (regional map): Route Map 2 (JPEG)

IMG  7. Railfuture Display Stand: Image as seen at events such as Cambridge Central Library (JPEG)

PDF  8. Railfuture's first East West campaign leaflet: 8-page leaflet (June 1995) hand delivered to councillors (PDF 1.67MB)

PDF  9. Railfuture Networks Group report on EWR progress (Jan 2013) following DfT presentation (PDF, 548kB)

Railfuture Analysis and Proposals

PDF  1. Railfuture analysis of Possible East-West Rail Routes from Cambridge (Dec 2014 - 2nd Edition) (PDF, 1.3MB).

PDF  2. Railfuture maps of East West Very High and High priority routes (Sept 2014) (PDF, 400kB)

Rail Industry Documents

PDF  1. Oxford-Bicester section: Rail industry collaboration (Mar 2014) (PDF, 7.4MB, 37 slides)

Network Rail Documents

PDF  1. NR presentation on East West Rail Central Section Corridor Options (Jun 2015) (PDF, 416kB, 14 pages)

PDF  2. NR stakeholder pack on East West Rail Western Section phase 2 (Sep 2015) (PDF, 259kB, 22 pages)

PDF  3. NR presentation on East West Rail Western Section phase 2 Scoping Report (Jun 2015) (PDF, 9.9MB, 216 pages)

PDF  4. NR's CP5 Enhancements Delivery Plan - Oxford-Cambridge pages (Apr 2014) (PDF, 500kB, 2 pages)

PDF  5. NR's CP5 Enhancements Delivery Plan - All pages (Apr 2014) (PDF, 1.5MB, 163 pages)

PDF  6. National Rail Timetable showing Marylebone-Oxford Parkway service from October 2015 (PDF, 550kB, 37 pages)

PDF  7. Network Rail brochure on East West Rail Central Section (Bedford-Cambridge) from May 2016 (PDF, 1.6MB, 7 pages)

PDF  8. Jacobs engineering study for Network Rail on East West Rail Central Section (Bedford-Cambridge) revised July 2016 (PDF, 815kB, 25 pages)

National Infrastructure Commission Documents

PDF  1. HM Treasury Terms of Reference to Lord Adonis about Oxford-Milton Keynes corridor (Mar 2016) (PDF, 154kB, 2 pages)

PDF  2. HM Treasury letter to Lord Adonis about East West Rail and Expressway (Mar 2016) (PDF, 613kB, 4 pages)

PDF  3. Cambridge - Milton Keynes - Oxford Corridor: Interim Report (Nov 2016) (PDF, 4.5MB, 62 pages)

Department for Transport Documents

PDF  1. Oxford-Cambridge "Tech Connected" (Dec 2013) (PDF, 708kB, 3 pages)

PDF  2. DfT letter from Paul Maynard to East West Consortium responding to 3rd August 2016 letter (Aug 2016) (PDF, 620kB, 2 pages)

East West Rail Link Consortium Documents

PDF  1. East West Rail GRIP4 Summary (PDF, 721kB, 18 pages)

PDF  2. East West Rail GRIP4 Business Case Executive Summary (PDF, 2.2MB, 36 pages)

PDF  3. Options for Bridging the Missing Link: Press Release 11/02/09 (PDF, 2 pages)

PDF  4. Central Section Operating Case: Central Section Report - February 2009 (PDF, 76 pages)

PDF  5. Western Section Overview: Tri-fold Leaflet - March 2009 (PDF, 2 pages)

MAP  6. Western Section Overview: Trains per hour diagram (JPEG)

PDF  7. Central Section: EWRC presentation to Railfuture and OBRAC - March 2014 (PDF, 1MB, 5 pages)

WEB  8. Agreement with Chiltern Railways: Press Release.

PDF  9. Western and Central Sections: EWRC letter to Transport Minister Paul Maynard about delays - August 2016 (PDF, 515kB, 4 pages)

  • Identical letters were sent on the same date to Chris Grayling, Secretary for Transport, Sajid Javid, Department for Communities and Local Government and Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Other reports: List of reports.

For more information, see the Consortium Web-site:

Railway Scheme Planning documents - Hitchin Flyover Construction

PDF  1.Hitchin Flyover public inquiry: Railfuture's summary of Network Rail closing statement (PDF, 1 page)

PDF  2.Hitchin Flyover public inquiry: Full text of Network Rail closing statement (PDF, 22 pages)

Railway Scheme Planning documents - Bicester to Oxford Line Upgrade and New Chord
Documents taken from Oxford City Council website.

PDF  1.Bicester to Oxford TWA Order: Compliance Letter from, Claire Perry at DfT to Network Rail 18/03/2015 (PDF, 2 pages)

PDF  2.Bicester to Oxford TWA Order: Network Rail response to Compliance Letter from Oxford City Council (via DfT) 02/04/2015 (PDF, 5 pages)

Parlamentary Debate Transcripts

PDF  1.Parliamentary Debate: East West Rail debate secured by Iain Stewart MP (Dec 2015) (PDF, 77kB, 5 pages)

Local Enterprise Partnership Documents

PDF  1.New Anglia (Norfolk and Suffolk) LEP: Strategic Economic Plan (version 2, March 2014) (PDF, 4MB, 89 pages)

PDF  2.Greater Cambridge Greater Peterboro LEP: Strategic Economic Plan (PDF, 2MB, 91 pages)

Cambridgeshire County Council Documents

PDF  1. Cambridgeshire Long-Term Transport Strategy: 2011-2031 (PDF, 70 pages, 8.2MB)

Oxfordshire County Council Documents

PDF  1. Rail-Strategy: Connecting Oxfordshire volume 3 - June 2016 (PDF, 76 pages, 3.4MB)

Buckinghamshire County Council Documents

PDF  1. Winslow local Area Forum: Consortium meeting with Lord Adonis on 02/09/2009 (PDF, 2 pages)

South East England Partnership Board Documents

PDF  1. Regional Transport Board on East West Rail: Meeting planned for 08/01/2010 - Agenda (PDF, 4 pages)

Parallel Road Scheme Documents

PDF  1. Highways England: A428 Caxton Gibbet to Black Cat scheme letter tol andowners (PDF, 895kB, 2 pages)


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