Henbury loop

Author: Nigel Bray - Published At: Fri 24 of Jul, 2015 18:42 BST - (6085 Reads)
Consultants charged with proving the case for the MetroWest service to Henbury have settled for a simple turnback solution, failing to grasp the opportunities which a Henbury loop could create.

Fares Complexity

Author: Paul Hollinghurst - Published At: Wed 08 of Jul, 2015 20:34 BST - (4945 Reads)
Railfuture is concerned about the complexity of fares, which are way beyond the abilities of the general public – and even some railway staff – to fully understand. This is a big problem as substantial savings can be made by knowing the ‘best’ ticket to buy. (Photo: Some of the tickets from Paul Hollinghurst’s railway journeys.)

Constructive Conference

Author: Nick Dibben - Published At: Sun 05 of Jul, 2015 20:51 BST - (4319 Reads)
Attendees of the Railfuture Summer 2015 Conference in Newark were welcomed by the Town Mayor Councillor Robert Crowe and his wife. Also shown above are Railfuture Lincolnshire branch chairman, David Harby, who helped organise the conference, and branch sales and catering officer Sue Dovey.

Rail development reset

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Fri 26 of Jun, 2015 11:01 BST - (6437 Reads)
The Government announced yesterday that the Network Rail development programme for the current control period will be cut back so that it can get back on track and be delivered within the £38Bn budget.

Expand Eurocity network?

Author: Jerry Alderson - Published At: Thu 18 of Jun, 2015 17:18 BST - (4685 Reads)
The front page and an impressive map from a discussion paper from the European Passengers’ Federation produced mainly by volunteers from Britain’s Railfuture and Germany’s Pro Bahn.

A station back in Skem

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Mon 08 of Jun, 2015 16:39 BST - (5377 Reads)
Lancashire County Council is forging ahead with plans to connect Skelmersdale town centre to the rail network.

Budget 2015 Uckfield win

Author: Chris Page - Published At: Wed 18 of Mar, 2015 15:13 GMT - (9658 Reads)
Buried in the budget papers today is the statement that the government will provide £100,000 for a further study into reopening the Lewes to Uckfield rail line. This is a major success for our campaign - we will work to steer the scope of the study to capture all the potential benefits.

Paving over tracks

Author: Nick Dibben - Published At: Wed 11 of Feb, 2015 21:49 GMT - (7140 Reads)
The Cambridge Guided Busway scheme opened in 2011 (costing almost twice as much as planned and nearly three years late) uses the former track-bed of two rail routes either side of Cambridge. The photos above, taken from a document produced for Cambs County council by Capita shows the poor state of the busway, after only three years of use, which could cost £30m to repair. Even the bus stops are not cared for (photo Jerry Alderson). Is this really something we want more of?
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