East Anglia Seamless Public Transport


What do the stations Perpignan, Pilsen, Corby and Wandlitzsee – in four different European countries – have in common? In each case, as you walk off the station there is real-time information about local bus times. We need similar screens at stations such as Ipswich, Norwich and Lowestoft. This is one of the recommendations of the new Railfuture East
Anglian Branch report Seamless Public Transport in East Anglia”. Compiled by Trevor Garrod with input from members, the report compares multimodal ticketing and information. There is PlusBus in over 20 East Anglian towns and cities. But infrastructure needs improving so passengers can easily find a bus for onward journeys. The report recommends modest extensions of
the PlusBus scheme, more train and bus combined ticketing on longer links to settlements not served by rail and improved staff training.

The report can be downloaded here: