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Railfuture East Anglia are campaigning for the reopening of the East-West rail link from Cambridge to Oxford.

The viability of a rail link between Bedford and Cambridge as part of a long-distance rail route has been examined by the East West Rail Consortium. The results were published in a conditional outputs statement in August 2014. The study examined the potential for linking 25 existing stations and ranks station pairs in order of economic benefit. Railfuture East Anglia Branch extended this work by considering how a Bedford-Cambridge link could improve journeys such as Cambridge to stations on the Midland main line and Cambridge to Northampton. Railfuture East Anglia has identified how the link can bring benefits to new and expanding communities in Cambridgeshire.

Read Railfuture's new report (Dec 2014) on route options between Cambridge and Bedford - click here

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Railfuture’s 13-page briefing document, including 14 maps analysing the priority journey pairs from the Conditional Ooutput Statement, can be found here:

On 25th July 2015 Railfuture issued a press release to warmly welcome the East West Rail Consortium's announcement showing the two preferred 'corridor' options of the Central Section of East West Rail between Cambridge and Bedford, which it has reduced down from seven possible corridors. The intention had been to draw up a short list of three. Railfuture also provided a map showing the two corridors:
Consortium announcement: /www.eastwestrail.org.uk/2015/07/27/study-identifies-two-most-viable-corridors-for-east-west-rail-central-section/.

An earlier briefing document about possible routes across Cambridgeshire can be downloaded here, although this has been superseded by the Dec 2014 report: