Top 10 recommendations for rail within the context of making rail investment decisions urgently to promote economic growth

  1. A growing railway meeting social, economic and regeneration objectives and passenger aspirations.
  2. Increasingly integrate HS2 into the regional transport system.
  3. Electrification: complete the Great Western and Midland Main line schemes but increase focus on value for money regional incremental schemes with a view to reducing unit costs and increasing capacity.
  4. Invest in new linkages to provide new journey opportunities and reduce the dependence on London’s existing overcrowded rail and tube network for passenger and freight.
  5. Invest in freight on rail in the form of improved capacity from British ports for efficient and competitive freight train operation.
  6. Devolve City Transport networks with a view to a cost efficient approach to integrated heavy and light rail transport.
  7. Scotland. Organise for continued investment in Scotland’s railways and Scotland’s economy including far better links with England.
  8. London Airport Development.  Provide upgraded rail capacity to serve the additional London Airport runway location chosen by government and to enable growth at other airports serving London.
  9. Regional Airport Development
  10. Organisation of the Railway. There remains considerable opportunity to improve the cost and the efficiency of Britain’s railways, so facilitating continuing capital investment in growth.


Read the full text of the open letter including the detailed priorities for each point above

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