Fighting Fund form

How to apply for funding

Applications should be made with the Railfuture application form (see below) but additioal information can be provided as e-mail attachments. The application should show:
  • How much money is required from Railfuture
  • How much money the application will be spending in total
  • What the funding from Railfuture and the total spending will be used for (not just the campaign aim but also a list of outputs to be produced)
  • How much the applicant is providing from its reserves
  • Where other sources of funding are being obtained from (if any)
  • What other organisations the applicant has approached for funding
  • Evidence that the application is a reputable rail campaigning organisation and has a successful and stable recent history (including evidence of how it is viewed by stakeholders)
  • What benefits Railfuture would get from its funding (e.g. publicity opportunities and whether the application would provide articles etc. for the Railfuture web-site)
Review or download the Fighting Fund Application Form (PDF format 109kB)

Preference will be shown to Railfuture branches and applications are also welcome from organisations affiliated to Railfuture. The purpose of the campaign must have secured support from one or more Railfuture branches.

Organisations not currently affiliated to Railfuture, or corporate members, would be expected to join (affiliate membership for RUGs is £25 per annum) to qualify. Railfuture may refuse a funding application from a group that has been a Fighting Fund recipient in the recent past.

Funding can be agreed prior to the expenditure being incurred, but will not normally be paid until the actitivity has been successfuly completed, with proof of expenditure (such as an invoice) provided.

Railfuture's national Passenger Group administers rail defence applications; the national Infrastructure & Networks Group processes infrastructure enhancement applications, and the board of directors deals with all others.

For examples of awards click Fighting Fund Awards