East Anglia Consultations and Surveys

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Current Consultations

The Railfuture East Anglia Branch will be responding to these. Branch members and passengers can also respond as individuals.

None pending.

DfT and Network Rail consultations across the UK

Information about refranchising is available from the Department for Transport here:
A calendar of the refranchising schedule can be downloaded here:

Network Rail's route studies are described here:
A calendar is available for download here:

Closed consultations

Network Rail public consultation to increase capacity between Ely and Soham

East Anglia rail franchise consultation
from Tuesday 9 December 2014 until 16 March 2015
Details of the consultation here:
The East Anglia Branch aspirations published in advance of the consultation are here:
The Railfuture response can be downloaded here.

Network Rail: Improving Connectivity
Improving Connectivity is a long-term proposal to deliver substantially improved rail connectivity across Britain. The draft document for consultation sets out the key principles of this approach, the challenges and the trade-offs which would need to be made and applies
them through a case study on Anglia route. Public consultation closed on 28 February 2015.
The Railfuture response can be downloaded here.

Network Rail Anglia Route Study
The consultation was open for 90 days from 5 November 2014 until 3 February 2015
Details of the consultation here:
The Railfuture response can be downloaded here.

Greater Anglia Cycle Strategy
Greater Anglia are consulting on their cycle strategy document with a closing date for responses of 1st November 2013.

DfT - Door to Door strategy
The DfT are interested in examples of both good and bad practice of interchange between bus and rail.

First Group survey
Passenger focus say "It is a survey for passenger groups asking for their views on travelling by rail, especially around the issues of access. It is an opportunity for those using this train services to put their views and we would be grateful if you could forward the following link to any community/access groups in the Thameslink area (south, north and to the north east of London into East Anglia -the survey itself shows the relevant postcodes)."
Cambridge City Council Draft Local Plan 2014
The public consultation on the Proposed Submission Local Plan ended at 5pm on 30 September 2013.

South Cambridgeshire Local Plan 2011-2031: Publication of Proposed Submission Local Plan (July 2013)
The public consultation on the Proposed Submission Local Plan ended at 5pm on Monday 14 October 2013.

South Cambridgeshire Transport Strategy Consultation
Consultation closed Monday 30 September 2013.

Huntingdonshire Draft Local Plan to 2036: Stage 3
Currently closed but further consultation of proposed submission Local Plan (Stage 4) starting February or March 2014 for 6 weeks.
View the plan:
To look at a section select in the menu on the left, then click on the “View Comments" tab to see the individual responses.
You can also search for keywords in the comments across the whole of the plan by clicking on “Who said what?” near the top of the page, entering the keyword (e.g. railway) and pressing search. It will list all the responses containing that keyword. You can refer back to the original consultation from a particular comment by clicking on ‘View consultation point” in the bottom right of the comment.