Our Passenger Group carried out a review of disruption handling, seeking input from passengers as well as the rail industry. How disruption is handled, both planned and unplanned remains one of the top concerns for passengers in complaints, stakeholder engagement and national surveys. There is often a focus on the negative side of disruption but equally there are examples of good practice that should be shared with the rail industry with pioneering work among the train operating companies and Network Rail.

Across Britain there was a ‘call for evidence’ to rail passengers and the rail industry. From the responses a report has been produced identifying some passenger issues and demands. This will be distributed across the rail industry.

Download a PDF version of the final Disruption Report.
Our rail user help pages contain information on what to do when things go wrong with your journey, in particular how to use Delay Repay to get compensation. To contact our Disruption Handling project email disruption at railfuture.org.uk.