Press release 13th October 2018

Green GB Week  - Trains can help us stop the world from frying.

Green GB Week starts on Monday, and rail campaigners have joined the many voices in responding to the UN Climate Change report, arguing that rail investment is key to achieving green growth.  The independent campaign group Railfuture is pushing the government to enable more people and freight to travel by rail, which will result in reduced carbon emissions. "The UN has warned that we have 12 years to avoid a climate change catastrophe." said spokesman Bruce Williamson. "Rail has an important part to play in this, because it's so much more fuel efficient than road or air transport. For instance, rail freight produces 76 percent less C02 than lorries. The government needs to commit to moving a greater proportion of people and goods by rail, as this can play a big part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Not only that, but electric trains can run on renewable energy, potentially making it a totally green zero-pollution form of transport.  This is why ongoing investment in electrification is so important so that we can eventually phase out diesel trains entirely.  We also need to look at other ways of storing electricity, such as hydrogen or batteries,for some lines where it might not be economically feasible to electrify."

Railfuture director Ian Brown writes more on this topic: Click here

Notes to editors:

Railfuture is the UK's leading independent organisation campaigning forbetter rail services for both passengers and freight.

Rail freight produces 76 percent less C02 than lorries:http://www.freightonrail.org.uk/FactsFigures-environmental.htm

Railfuture's website can be found at: www.railfuture.org.uk

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