Paul Abell


Paul Abell, previously editor of Today's Railways UK

Paul Abell’s interest in railways was fostered by a number of childhood experiences including a round trip on the Liverpool Overhead Railway and being left on the cattle dock at Doncaster to watch the A4 steam locomotives, going through at 60 mph while his grandmother went shopping.

Student holidays included a summer on the Isle of Man Railway at Ramsey and three summers as a conductor on the Blackpool trams.

Paul obtained a degree in mechanical engineering, followed by naval training at Dartmouth and sea time in HMS Hampshire.

After 14 years as an engineering manager, Paul spent 22 years teaching maths, before becoming editor of Today's Railways UK in 2009.

He was a workshop volunteer and London area publicity officer for the Talyllyn Railway from 1981-89, and had been a conductor and workshop volunteer at Crich Tramway Museum since schooldays.

Paul became a Railfuture Vice-President in 2015, and regrettably passed away in October 2021. We appreciate all that he did for Railfuture in general, including being a very active member of the RUG Awards judging panel, and Railwatch in particular.

Ashburys.  Northern Rail photo

A year after his untimely death, a plaque at Ashburys station was dedicated to his memory by the Friends of Glossop station, part-funded by Railfuture.