Ticket Offices

Ticket Offices - including the Summer 2023 Consultation

This page is a hub to bring together all the content on the Railfuture Website on the Ticket Office Consultation.  That content is the result of taking a fortnight to carefully formulate our position, consult branches and our passenger specialists, and hear from members at the AGM on Saturday 15th July.

We encourage Members, Supporters and indeed everyone to comment on the impact of the planned changes at stations you use.  Your comments should go to Transport Focus (or London TravelWatch if the station is within their remit). These need to be sent on or before 1 September.

We have the following key material on the topic:
  1. Our Press Release on 31 October: Railway Ticket Offices – Railfuture responds: ‘But what happens next – will it be a pyrrhic victory??
  2. Our Press Release on 29 October: Rail ticket office closures – Railfuture sets out its hopes for Tuesday
  3. Our Press Release on 27 July: Ticket Office closure consultation – Extension = Yes; The Right approach = Still No
  4. Our National Submission - sent 26 July 2023 - or read two pages with the key points.
  5. Our All member briefing (PDF file), including suggested topics to consider in your submission.  Probably the most important issue to include is give good reasons why you can't use Ticket Vending Machines, Online or Contactless payments and instead rely on purchasing your tickets (etc) from a member of staff.
    • To read just the suggested topics for your own submission, we have an extract here.
  6. Our AGM Emergency Motion - 'Ticket sales – keeping the human touch' and also the update by Neil Middleton to the meeting (he is writing the national response).
  7. Our Press Release on 12 July: "The Ticket Office consultation is a mess – 101 unanswered questions with two weeks to go to comment"
  8. Our Press Release on 2 July (ie in anticipation of the Consultation starting imminently) "Ticket Office closures - Penny wise, Pound foolish"
  9. An article from November 2022 "More on Ticket Offices"
  10. An article from October 2021 "Fares after Covid".

And our "Railfuture in the News" page details some, but not all, of our media appearances.