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Railfuture station surveys

A good way to collate evidence as part of a campaign to improve stations is to carry out a station survey.

You can download a form to help with your survey

Railfuture passenger counts

When conducting station passenger counts, either as part of a Railfuture activity or whilst visiting a station, the counts should be recorded in a systematic way to aid collation.
These forms are suitable for handing out at branch meetings, or with branch newsletters, or on the back of branch meeting flyers.

Please note: if Railfuture volunteers undertake a formal count, which involves being present at a station for a length of time, then approval needs to be obtained from the train operator. Otherwise you may be in breach of railway byelaws. Advice from Network Rail here.

See also Station usage estimates from the Office of Rail Regulation. These have been proved unreliable, particularly in the London and other city areas, but at least give campaigners a starting point.

Railfuture documents

We aim to ensure that all documents published by Railfuture have a consistent, professional appearance. Click here to download our Publication Guidelines. Railfuture templates should be used for all documents published by Railfuture - these are available to registered users only, if you have not not already logged in you will be asked to log in when you click to download :
All documents created or received by Railfuture should be given a document reference so that they can be stored and retrieved - click here to download the definition of the document reference scheme, including the format of the document reference.

Railfuture logos can be downloaded here.

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