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Cambridgeshire Regional Metro

Railfuture East Anglia is promoting Cambridgeshire Metro, a service of trains of such frequency that for most journeys reference to a timetable is unnecessary.
The train service will be provided by the existing regional rail network, planned higher service
frequencies, greater passenger capacity, shorter end to end journey times together with some
selected line re-openings and improved access from other forms of transport including a light rail line linking housing and employment areas in and around Cambridge.

Ely North upgrade delaying hourly Peterborough to Ipswich service

Following campaigning by Railfuture East Anglia for an hourly service between Ipswich and Peterborough, we welcomed its inclusion in the Anglia franchise announced last summer, the only real ‘gain’ beyond what was in the Invitation to tender (ITT). However, Network Rail now say this is not possible due to insufficient capacity at Ely. The franchise award was evaluated prior to the ‘Hendy review’ which pushed the Ely works beyond 2019! This means that, effectively, Greater Anglia will have new trains delivered before they can be put into service on this route.

Greater Anglia have appealed to stakeholders (including campaigning groups) to lobby ministers and DfT officials as we gear up for CP6 (2019-24) planning cycle to ensure that this junction is given the highest priority.

Railfuture East Anglia chair Nick Dibben said “Capacity at this junction is hopelessly inadequate to meet the needs of the local economy. The cities of Norwich, Cambridge and Ipswich as well as the Port of Felixstowe and Stansted Airport all rely on rail services that pass through Ely .We welcome the recent commitment from the ‘New Anglia’ and ‘Greater Cambridge and Peterborough’ LEPs to co-fund the business case for this project – the first time the New Anglia LEP has put money into rail!”

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