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This new inter-city train offering up-market specifications has been launched in Paris by Bombardier which has a train factory at Derby and in several European countries. The new Omneo Premium is a double decker train so is unlikely to operate in Britain, although in theory in should be able to run on the existing HS1 line from the Channel Tunnel to London and on the proposed HS2 from London to the north. Bombardier said on 13 June 2014 that it had been inspired by French standards of luxury to produce an elegant interior design with comfortable, reclining seats and individual armrests, a table, a footrest, reading light and power supply for laptop or mobile phone. The Omneo is designed to run at 125mph and can carry 400 to 475 people, depending on the seating layout, and is a variant of Bombardier’s 2N regional train which will operate on many lines in France. Bombardier makes TurboStar, ElectroStar trains in Derby and is currently supplying new trains for the London Underground.

Eurostar Travel Survey

Our survey of travel using Eurostar services is now open. If you travel by Eurostar, please help us to understand why people use Eurostar, how they book their ticket and their experience of travel on board and onward connections, so that we can campaign for improved services. The survey is open to everyone, not just Railfuture members. It will run for a full year in order that we can get the full picture of who uses Eurostar and why. You can complete the Eurostar Travel Survey online or download a copy to return by email.


Railfuture is the UK's leading independent organisation campaigning for better rail services for passengers and freight. Railfuture is a voluntary group representing rail users, with 20,000 affiliated and individual members. It is not affiliated to or funded by train companies, political parties or trade unions, and uses one-member one-vote democracy.

Railfuture campaigns for cheap and convenient rail services for everyone; better links for buses, bikes and pedestrians; policies to get more heavy lorries on to rail; new lines, stations and freight terminals – a better rail service and a bigger rail system for both passengers and freight. Our volunteer members in branches and around 300 local rail user groups campaign to get stations and lines reopened, and services and facilities improved, for the benefit of the community, economy and environment.

Over the past 50 years we have played a major part in getting over 370 new and reopened stations and over 500 miles of route to join the network.
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Working with Railfuture

As well as organising the annual national conference for rail users and user groups, Railfuture works at local and national level with train operators and other stakeholders to secure a better railway. Railfuture makes awards to campaigners from its Fighting Fund to bring about improvements. Awards have been given, for example, for publicity initiatives and feasibility studies.

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If you would like to join our campaign for a rail future please go to the Join Us page to apply for membership. It is just £18 (concessions available) which provides four all-colour magazines a year plus more. If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at info at railfuture.org.uk. Together we can work towards a Railfuture!

The independent campaign for a better passenger and freight rail network

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