A new book answers important questions about why Scotland’s Borders Railway was allowed to close.

The Waverley route, from Carlisle to Edinburgh, was so important to the community that hundreds of people were driven to break the law in an attempt to keep it open.

But after an absence of 45 years, trains will once again run in the Scottish Borders in two years time.

The story of the closure and revival of the line is told in David Spaven’s Waverley Route - The life, death and rebirth of the Borders Railway, which was published in August.

The book is illustrated with numerous period and current photos never before published.

Author David Spaven was a speaker at Railfuture’s rail reopenings conference in Stirling in June this year.

He is a rail consultant, a specialist railway writer, a geographer by background, and a railway enthusiast since childhood.

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