Infrastructure and Networks

Background Information

Railfuture's Infrastructure & Networks Group supports and promotes enhancements to the national rail network. These include new routes and stations (to serve more people), resolving bottlenecks (e.g. introducing flyovers to increase capacity and reduce delays), and faster routes (to become more competitive and encourage modal shift from the private car).

East-West Rail

See Railfuture's Ox-Cam campaign.
Click view or download (548kB PDF) to see East West Rail Link - progress report (January 2013)

New/reopened lines

See Railfuture's approach to network expansion: Missing links.

New/reopened stations

See our campaign targets: New stations.

Fighting Fund

The Group evaluates bids to Railfuture's Fighting Fund for infrastructure and networks campaigns.

Next meeting: Saturday 29 June, in Sheffield. Most recent meeting: 2 February 2019, in London.

You can also follow the Infrastructure & Networks Group on Twitter @RailfutureNetws

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