Policy statements

Railfuture campaigns for a bigger and better railway in Britain for both passengers and freight. Essentially we wish to see the railway play a greater role in Britain's transport system. To achieve it needs to be modern, efficient, customer-focused and value for money.

Passengers and freight customers should want to use the railway because it offers the best service compared to the alternatives and they enjoy using it - it should not be a distress purchase. Railfuture works co-operatively with the rail industry as a 'critical friend' to improve the service and it lobbies all governments in Britain to continue investing in the railway.

Railfuture's Policies

Railfuture's official policy is determined by the Board of directors, who are influenced by Railfuture activists and the membership.

Railfuture has produced the following official policy statements to guide our campaigning for a bigger and better railway. They will be individually revised when required and are available to Railfuture members, the rail industry, stakeholders and the general public.
These Railfuture Policy Statements can also be downloaded as a single document.

Areas of Controversy

Railfuture is often asked where it stands on the renationalisation debate, which has long been a hot topic. This can be easily answered by explaining how Railfuture operates.

We focus on the outputs (i.e. what the customers receive) rather than the inputs (i.e. how the service is delivered). We are officially agnostic on the ownership of the railway, but want a railway that works, is efficient and cost effective. There are several ways that a good railway can be achieved and it would be wrong for us to choose a particular structure or ownership model, but we do comment on – and criticise - failures in structures and waste of money.

Railfuture is fiercely non-political. This is essential in order to be seen as a partner and ‘critical friend’ to all parts of the railway (including all governments), and also to attract members from the widest cross-section of society as possible. There is certainly no consensus amongst Railfuture’s thousands of members that “Privatisation has been a disaster”.

Railfuture takes a similar neutral stance on controverisal subjects as Britain's membership of the European Union. However, we offer advice on where Britain's railway has benefited from the EU, and where it has not.

Railfuture is not aligned with any political party or any part of the political spectrum (left, centre or right).

Railfuture's unique-selling point (USP) is its complete focus on railways. It takes a fairly neutral stance on other transport modes, though recognising the need for good integration to maximise use of the railway. Likewise with issues such as the environment: Railfuture is not an environmental lobby group but it recognises that one of the advantages of the railway is its green credentials and this is a good justification for more investment in the railway.

This principles apply across the entire range of Railfuture's campaigning.

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