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Welcome web volunteers

This page is designed to help Railfuture members who volunteer to help keep the Railfuture website updated. But before you do anything, remember your ABC:


ACCURACY Don't insult people by misspelling their names. Double-check every name before you put it on the website. The same goes for organisation names and document titles. Make sure you get it right. Try to get someone else to proofread your material before you upload it.


BREVITY Don't waste people's time with long words and complicated sentences. Don't put in too many details unless they are very important. But give people information about where they can find more detailed information if they want it.


CLARITY Make sure your sentences are simple and clear. You should not try to impress people with your writing style or intellect. Make clear what you are saying with simple words that everyone can understand.

Remember you must be fair and accurate in your reports.
Websites are subject to the law of defamation: Defamation Act 2013

For more information:

Click here for a Style Guide

Click here Briefings How for help in how to add briefings to the website

Click Branch uploads for how to make your newsletter available on your branch page

Click Picture uploads for how to upload a picture for use on the website

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