Ticket machine not working

If you are collecting tickets ordered online, they can also be collected at the ticket office (if it is manned) or at a machine (that issues prepaid tickets) at any other station.

You are required to hold a ticket for the journey you are making.  If the station is unmanned and the ticket machine is not working (or will not accept cash), you should be able to board the train and purchase the ticket from the conductor or guard.  Since you are technically breaking the railway byelaws, you should make every effort to contact the conductor or guard as quickly as possible.  If you have a camera, take a photo of the message on the screen of the machine.   If you have ordered the ticket online, you should show the proof of purchase, with the reference number, to the conductor or guard and then obtain the ticket from a ticket machine or ticket office at the first opportunity.  In the unlikely event that the conductor, guard or revenue protection officer refuses to accept your explanation and charges you for an additional ticket or gives you an unpaid fare notice or a penalty fare notice, you should appeal (see Penalty Fares below).

If the station is unmanned and the ticket machine does not offer the ticket that you want you should buy a the minimum ticket which gives you the right to travel, then contact the conductor or guard on the train to buy the correct ticket and trade-in the one you bought.

If you are just lazy and try to buy a ticket on the train rather than going to the booking office or ticket machine, you may be sold an expensive anytime ticket rather than off-peak, may not be able to use a railcard, or may be charged a penalty fare.

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