Fund raising

Railfuture's work to campaign for a bigger and better railway in Britain is funded by its members, who pay an annual membership fee (see how to join) because they believe in our aims. Since we receive no funding from the rail industry, unions, political or governmental organisations we are independent from all outside influence and are able to put the interests of the travelling public and freight customers first.

Some of our members and other supporters generously provide us with additional funds in some quite inventive ways, as this page describes.

Postage stamps

You can help raise money for Railfuture by sending your used postage stamps to Stamps for Charity, Railfuture, 10 Bellamy Avenue, Hartcliffe, Bristol BS13 0HW. Please cut the stamps from their envelopes leaving a quarter of an inch margin of paper around the stamp and the post mark. You can ask friends and relatives to help too. Please ensure that you include Railfuture in the address so the correct funds can be allocated to Railfuture.

Used rail tickets

If anyone knows of an outlet for used rail tickets, please email editor at railwatch.org.uk.

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