Barry Doe


Barry was born in Bournemouth in 1946 and after attending the local grammar school went to Cardiff University and then to London for teaching training.

He returned to Bournemouth in 1970 to become a maths teacher at Wimborne but, following posts in various schools in Bournemouth, felt the goalposts were moving and it was time to try a new career.

Having always had an interest in public transport he left teaching in 1983 with the aim of producing a bus/rail guide.

He comments that it would not be possible to do this today, for in those days it was relatively straightforward to make contact with the British Railways Board and eventually interest in the concept was shown by Network SouthEast, led by Chris Green, who later sponsored it under InterCity.

Initially a version for travel centre staff was produced and the success of this led to its being printed quarterly for public use, seeing 26 editions over six years from 1989.

Sadly total apathy from the then-new Association of Train Operators, which refused to take over the sponsorship from InterCity, led to its demise.

An off-shoot of this was a sister publication ‘Doe’s Directory of Bus Timetables’ which ran for 32 editions until 1999.

Following offers of sponsorship this reappeared as a website in 2001 and today 12 sponsors enable it to flourish and be updated daily Barry Doe.

Having accumulated a knowledge of fares, Barry wrote a column in Modern Railways for 14 years, but he switched to RAIL magazine in 2000 and his fortnightly Fare Dealer column still runs, together with reviews of timetables and rover tickets.

He became a member of the Chartered Institute of Transport in 1992 and was appointed a fellow in 1998.

Another arm of Barry’s work was updating the public transport entries for all properties in the annual handbooks of the National Trust and English Heritage for 25 years.

He has also undertaken consultancy work for various train companies, Which? magazine and various TV programmes. He has a railway franchise map, now in its 22nd edition and which may be for downloaded from his website and printed by anyone free of charge.

Despite approaching 66 he says he has no intention of retiring as his work is his pleasure and keeps his mind active!